In order to help you start your business in Amazon,we launched following service to help you manage your business better.

UPC Codes

To help you to start your business in Amazon,we can provide you with upc code,for each UPC code we only charge US$0.3.

Label Service

you can ask for lable service if you want to lable your products,you only need to pay US$0.05 per unit for us to label your products.

Customize Service
As a professional manufacturer,we are able to provide you with customization service if your order quantity reach our minimal customized order quantity.please contact our sales man if you want to learn more about customize service.
Shipping Service

We can provide you with economical Shipping servie if you want to ship your labeled products to amazon warehouse.

High Quality Images
We can provide high quality images so that you can sell your products on amazon or other online Shopping website.