The LG G5 modular design And Newest LG G5 Phone Case


The LG G5 modular design And Newest LG G5 Phone Case




  • Modular design with replaceable battery
  • Sleek metal body
  • Amazing camera
  • More than enough power
  • Considerable potential for the future


  • Future potential has yet to be realized
  • Battery life is weak
  • Modules are hard to connect



LG is facing a gigantic challenge in 2016. It’s launching directly against the Samsung Galaxy S7, a phone that improves on an already excellent platform to become an incredibly accomplished smartphone. To combat Samsung and the omnipresent iPhone, LG has decided to innovate and rethink how we use smartphones.
The G5 is really different. It’s a phone that has a bottom and battery that detach, allowing you to clip in new modules that give the G5 special abilities, like a better camera or higher-quality sound. It’s a small change, but damn exciting because of what it represents and what it could mean for the future.
But is the world ready for camera-enhancing modules or clip-in high-performance audio DACs?
For the G5 to be a success, people need to see the potential of the modules, but they acheter viagra also have to love the phone. Outshining Samsung and Apple is a gargantuan task, and LG’s out of left field. Does the G5 have what it takes to make people buy it and dive into the world of modular smartphones?




LG will tell you the G5’s appeal lies inside the ‘magic slot,’ the unofficial name for the phone’s modular port. It’s located at the base of the device, and always houses the battery, which attaches to the module of your choice. On the phone’s right-hand side is a small, flush-mounted button that requires a firm press to activate. It pops the lower section of the phone out, disconnects the battery, and allows the entire module to be removed.



The battery unclips with a firm, sideways tug, and is reattached to the new module, which is slid back into the phone. It’s neat, well designed, and sensibly made. It doesn’t just unclip and let everything clatter to the floor either. You need to make the effort to pull the module free. You need a firm hand to remove the battery the mounting points, and replacing the module requires a solid final push to secure it back in place. None of these steps will be completed by accident, so the G5 won’t disassemble if you happen to look at it strangely.

However, it all feels very alien. We’re used to treating our phones like delicate little flowers, and the G5 needs some rough treatment to swap the modules. The first few times you do it, you’re going to wonder if it’s about to break. Will it? No, certainly not if you follow the instructions. Unless you drop the phone, you’ll be fine.

The first time we swapped modules, we were so afraid we would break the phone, that we asked another colleague, who’d had practice to do it. It took a couple rounds of swapping modules to get comfortable with the harsh tugging and pulling, and even then, it felt decidedly wrong. We can’t really imagine your average Joe swapping modules, but tech geeks will love it.
We also wish there were an easier way to swap modules, or that it each module came with its own battery, so we didn’t have to yank the battery out every time. Alternatively, keeping the battery tucked away in the back would be nice, so that swapping modules doesn’t involve any battery swapping at all. Of course, that would annoy those who want a removable battery pack.




The LG G4 and the LG V10 are two of the very best camera phones ever made, and LG hasn’t sacrificed any of that photographic prowess on the G5. The G5’s camera is absolutely fantastic, and we can’t stop taking pictures with it. The sensor is almost identical to the V10, with 16-megapixels and an f/1.8 aperture, plus laser autofocus and optical image stabilization. It also copies the V10’s dual-lens selfie cam trick, but here, the two sensors are on the back.

lg-g5-camera-samples-0005-1200x675-c lg-g5-camera-samples-0002-1200x675-c lg-g5-camera-samples-0010-1200x675-c


The first camera provides a regular view of the world, while the second gives an expanded 135-degree wide-angle view, providing ample opportunity for creativity. They’re used independently of each other, unless you activate a special pop-out mode, where the two viewpoints are meshed together to create weird hybrids. It’s a feature that won’t be used that often, but can produce fun collages, if you’re patient.
Using the wide-angle lens is addictive. It changes the camera view completely, and changes the way you think about framing, composition, and focal points. Get it right, and the results looks superb, especially when taking pictures of vistas and wide-open spaces. There is a slight fish-eye effect to the G5’s wide-angle pictures, but again, provided you put some thought into the final image, it’s not distracting.

LG has included its incredibly easy-to-use manual mode for the G5, where ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance can be adjusted. It’s the most user-friendly manual mode we’ve used, and it never feels like you’re going to make a terrible mess of things when fiddling around with the settings. You’ll find yourself using it to tweak pictures rather than setting it to auto, due to its simplicity.
Low light performance is superb. Even using auto mode, it slowed the shutter speed down to a point where a tripod was needed to steady the shot and eliminate blur. Switching to manual mode compensated for the circumstances, but the picture wasn’t as good as it could have been. The software wasn’t final on the G5 we used, so we’ll update this review when we’ve used the complete version.
Zooming in on subjects is handled differently on the G5, utilizing both lenses for a fluid, more detail orientated digital zoom feature. It’s still no match for an optical zoom, and although it has a greater range than other digital zooms, the results are hardly worth the effort.



 For LG G5, We have this new case ☟


Stylish colourful look

Add a sleek, colourful look to your LG G5 DualPro case.

With an inner shock absorbing layer and a hard shell exterior, protecting your device never looked better.

Ultra hard shell which preserves the look of your LG G5

The DualPro is designed to wrap your LG G5 in stylish protection. Featuring 2 layers, the DualPro is designed with high protection in mind.


2 layers to protect your LG G5

With a flexible silicone core and a hard rigid shell over the top, the DualPro case is designed to protect your LG G5 from impact damage, dirt and scratches while it’s in the case. It’s designed to allow you to easily insert your phone into the case and it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your handset.


Made specifically for the LG G5

The DualPro case is made specifically for the LG G5 and as a result you can be sure of a perfect fit. It also gives you complete access to the phone’s screen, side buttons and the dock connector at the bottom. This means that you’ll never need to remove the phone from the case if you want to access any feature.

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